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Once you've viewed and chosen the photos, you should have them prepped before printing or posting to the web. You might think the photos look amazing right out of the camera, but every photo can be adjusted to improve the dynamic range or digitally altered to remove distractions and keep the attention on you and your energy.

Photo optimization through the computer is the digital equivalent of the work photographers or photo lab technicians would conventionally do in the darkroom. We adjust contrast, tone, color, and saturation. At this time we can also make adjustments digitally that were not possible in the conventional darkroom, like custom color enhancements and seamless retouching.

When we prepare your photos for duplication, you are ensured the highest quality of service and expertise. We spend the time it takes to make your photos look amazing, and in the process save you time and money. Our retouching services are consistently less expensive than the top three photo labs in town. And because we have a vested interest in making our images look amazing, we are confident that our retouching and photo finishing services are better than the product of any photo lab in town.

Our photo finishing department is skilled in the art of portrait retouching. We know all the tricks to make retouching look seamless, leaving you looking great and the photo looking organic. We also have our software and monitors calibrated to our labs of choice, so there is no guess work when it comes to color and tone adjustments.

People often tell us that they have a friend or relative that is a "graphic artist" that will do their retouching for free. We strongly urge you to proceed with caution. You've spent the time and money to get your headshots done the right way, by professionals. Why would you trust anyone else to finish the process?